Back in David and liking it a lot

Boy, did I ever love our trip to Ometepe, Nicaragua. People who have traveled there often describe it as “magical”, “peaceful”, “seductive”,  etc. I fall into that group, the island has a special feel to it that words don’t really convey. It’s a “feel” thing.

 Part of me wanted to buy some land and just stay there in a sort of suspended animation. But the more rational, “left brain” part pulled back on the reins and said, “let’s give this some more thought”. Really, Joel,  are you ready to dash off to live on an island with an active volcano, the occasional mudslide, and few gringos to talk to just because it is such a neat place??? YES!—NOT!!! (Wish I could say that but not right now!)

Now that I have been back in David I’ve had some time to mull over my quandry and I have to say that life here in David suits Kris and me quite well. And that’s great because it would be costly to move ANYWHERE  away from here anytime soon. We have a pleasant, affordable life and that is not lost on us.

Home-That’s what the David area has become -home, with all the familiarity that comes with knowing the area and being comfortable with your surroundings. We have  a very nice rental house, many good friends. And there are many stores and convieniences that we enjoy and would certainly miss if we moved elsewhere. We feel safe in our home and neighborhood and know our way around. Want to go to the mountains or beach? Either is only 45 minutes away!

Where Boquete is known as the land of eternal spring, David has earned the reputation of being hot. When we tell people we live in David we always hear, “It’s so hot”. Maybe David would be a more popular place if people knew that David ALSO can be quite pleasant (70-84) for many months during the wet season. The  hot weather will be starting mid-December through mid-April but that’s okay, we have a/c and can take more trips up to cool Boquete! As for now, I’m sure liking the 74 degrees weather at 6:30 pm I write these words!

Day to day life in our neighborhood is similar to the way it was like years ago in small towns in the states and that’s a pretty nice way to live. Folks here  are often found enjoying themselves on the front patios talking with friends and family.  It’s a relaxed, low stress type of life, people’s attitude is very “live and let live”.  Did I mention the low stress part? 🙂

Holidays? Halloween here is a non-event. Thanksgiving is observed and this Thanksgiving will probably be celebrated up in Boquete with our stateside buddies. Ham, turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pies and all that good t-day stuff.

Good time with good friends, yes, indeed, followed by… (drum roll)…..Christmas time! … I’m SO looking forward to it! Love the lights and decorations, the fireworks (MANY!!!), and walking all around the neighborhood at midnight with everyone exchanging “Feliz Navidads”. Fun!

Yes, David has worked out quite well for us indeed. We may end up leaving here sometime, but I doubt it will be sometime soon!

Enjoy the moment



25 thoughts on “Back in David and liking it a lot

  1. Reblogged this on The Panama Adventure and commented:
    I just haven’t been writing much since we returned from Nicaragua. I’m not sure why, maybe doing other things, or don’t think I have much to say or the time to compose a post. Then, my husband comes along and says just what I have been thinking about. Thank you Joel.

  2. HEAR! HEAR! I know what you mean.

    I especially like the neighbors sitting outside talking to one another part. It was television and air conditioning that killed that activity in the States.

    I remember on one of my early exploration trips to Panama looking for the spot I wanted to settle down in I spent about 10 days in Chitre (it would be my second choice). One night, walking back to my hotel after dinner I was taking a parallel street a couple of blocks in from the main drag. It wasn’t well lit and I started feeling a little anxious and paranoid about my surroundings.

    Then, coming towards me were a couple of teenage girls laughing talking about teenage girl things, I assume. Then I noticed a family of three moving along in the shadows between the widely spaced street lights: young mom, young dad and a toddler. Then, as I became more conscious of my surroundings I noticed there were people sitting on the front porches of nearly every house. It was a casual neighborhood watch without the signs. The chances of anything bad happening along that part of the street were practically nil. It was filled with people just living their lives stress free. It’s not a coincidence that Panamanians rate as the most content people in the world in a recent poll.

    • Richard,
      You get it. Those who do “get it” and want to live that way can easily find it here in Panama. I Don’t want to live any other way than the low stress way EVER again! Enjoy the moment…

  3. Joel, what a heartfelt post. It’s true how some places just grab you and don’t want to let you go. We felt that way about Panama, Portugal, and Brazil. We couldn’t decide where we wanted to make our home until we returned to Ometepe Island. It’s a feeling you get inside where you just KNOW this is the place to call home. Great post. We miss you and Kris! Cappy and the two cats say hello.

    • Deb, Thanks! Tell Ron, Cappy and the cats Hi and that we miss each and every one of ya’ll! It will be great to return to Ometepe and see everyone again. And we can’t wait to see Granda, too! See you soon!

  4. Joel, I can’t find Rio Chiriquí on the web. Is this a realty company in David? Just looked at a house in La Princesa. So many places to look into.

  5. Very interested in Boquete and David (also Las Tablas) Would appreciate any suggestions on inexpensive hotels/pensions/ where I can stay a few weeks to get the feel of things for a later more permanent life. TThanks

    • Hi Linda,
      The Bambu or Chambres en Ville are hostels here in David that I like. Don’t know Las Tablas or Boquete but
      I’m sure there are some good ones there, just don’t know their names. Good Luck!

    • I second Joel’s Bambu recommendation. One of the best things about the place is it has a swimming pool where you can cool off after exploring the area.

      • Actually, so does Chambres en Ville. A bigger pool with a banana tree hanging over it. They also have a Tucan, it think it’s named Sunshine. The younger set favors Bambu, Chambres is walking distance from the park and Romero’s.

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