A Rant on The State of the Middle Class and Retirement

Kris (my wife) wrote a great piece about an article I saw that said that a percentage of folks polled said they would rather ” die early” than life through their retirement without enoug money for a comfortable retirement. I don’t know how “early” they wanted to die, but I was shocked to hear that sentiment expressed by so many. Kris wrote a thougtful post that I felt was worth putting on my blog.
Peace, Joel

The Panama Adventure

I think it is common knowledge that many people are going to have a hard time affording a comfortable retirement, and we all know people who plan to work until they drop because they feel they have no other choice. Joel came across an article recently – Middle-Class Americans Living With Regret About Retirement Savings  One line jumped out at me

In a new survey question added this year, 22 percent said they would rather “die early” than live without enough money for a comfortable retirement. 

More than one in five people are afraid they will be so poor that the time will come when life isn’t worth living. What a sad statement.

I can quote more statistics and link to more articles but I don’t think we need convincing that many people are going to retire with less than they think they need, or won’t retire at all. What does…

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