Video of Ed Horna- Rental Property Available in David/Boquete

Ed wanted to make a new video since the old one was two years old and I’m making it available here. DO NOT CONTACT ME (JOEL), contact Ed (Eduardo Horna 507-6567-1127, 507-6757-0005 ) for any and all rental/purchase questions.

Special thanks go to Kris for the camera work and uploading to Youtube!


Contact information: Eduardo Horna

507-6567-1127 507-6757-0005




Summit of The Americas 2015


Great post of an historic moment for Panama.

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For over 100 years Panama has been the crossroads of the world and the place where the world meets because of its geographical location and the famed Panama Canal.  This month the “world”, at least the Latin American world, will meet in Panama at the Summit of The Americas organized by the Organization of American States.  This will be the seventh summit of Latin American world leaders.

Over 70 parliamentarians from across the American continent will meet at the permanent headquarters of the Latin American Parliament and in addition to the heads of state around 5,000 advisors and ministers of the various countries will attend, tying up Panama City traffic even worse than usual. Schools and government offices will be closed in an effort to minimize the chaos. Normally Panama goes mas o menos on “vacation” from November [the month of Patriotic holidays], through December [Mother’s Day & Christmas], January…

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David/Boquete Rental information from Ed Horna

I just received an email from Ed Horna, my friend and the guy who showed us the house we live in. I’m posting it here as a favour to Ed and the readers of the blog.
If you have any questions about the properties, address them to Ed, his contact info is at the bottom of the page since I am not going to act as a middleman! PLEASE CONTACT ED, NOT ME!!!!!!!!
Hi guys ,

Just so you know if any one ask you about rentals in the david

boquete area , this is what I have at this moment :

David , located near El Rey super market , a very nice 3 brm 2 bath fully furnished house fenced in fast internet available , 900. a month .

David , located in the down town area , 2 brm 1 bath apt Unfunished .

AC in each room , fast internet available ………….300. a month .

David , cozy 2 brm 1 bath house comes basically furnished …..500.a mo.

Boquete , located in down town area small efficiency studio ,perfect

for a single or couple …………………………….250. a month.

(Rent included electricity, cable tv , water )

Boquete  , Furnished 3 brm 2 bath fully fenced in with studio or office …800. a mo.

Boquete , A New 3 brm 2 bath house furnished (washer & dryer included)

super great view , king size bed , large refrigator ………..800. a month .

A min of 6 month lease is required and Unfurnished means no appliances no furniture no beds , (sorry thats Panama !)

Thats all for the moment ,

Thank you and enjoy !

Eduardo Horna 507-6567-1127 507-6757-0005 AGAIN, PLEASE CONTACT ED, NOT ME!!!!!!!! Later, j

House Sharing in David #2


Folks looking for lodging will get an idea of what some places here are like from my wife Kris’s post.

Originally posted on The Panama Adventure:

This home is in Villa del Carmen, a quiet middle class Panamanian neighborhood on the north side of David, just within the city limits. The neighborhood is surrounded by woods and a beautiful river runs along the east side. There is only one way in and out so it is quiet and safe, and the neighbors are friendly and welcoming.

My good friend Cedo has an extra room in her charming little house. There is also a recently arrived expat lady from the US staying there, so you would get a mix of Spanish immersion (Cedo speaks no English), and a gringa friend having a similar experience.

Cedo is easy going and not fussy about little things, and will do anything she can to take care of you and make you comfortable. There is internet in the house, and use of a washing machine.

There is a neighborhood bus that…

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Photos and more photos for Ma

At Jerry and Jennifers great covered patio area-the best!

At Jerry and Jennifer’s great covered patio area-the best!

Tranquilo, todo bien!

Tranquilo, todo bien!

2 bikers from Poland who stayed with us.

Two bikers from Poland who stayed with us

The 8'x8' pool, a lovely way to cool off on a hot, 95 degree afternoon in David's

The 8’x8′ pool, a lovely way to cool off on a hot, 95 degree afternoon in David’s

Cooling off after a bike ride.

Cooling off after a bike ride.

Wispy pink clouds at sunset

Wispy pink clouds at sunset



My mother, Elizabeth (Ma) up in Portland, Maine, doesn’t get to see the photos I take (ipad issues) SO…I am posting  a few to help catch her up on things I may have spoken of but that she didn’t see. They may or may not be of interest to the casual viewer but here they are anyway.

More photos next post.

Enjoying the moment….



A Trip To The Bocas (Chica and Brava)


I was thinking about posting about the trip but Richard says it so well that I’ll leave well enough alone and do the “re-blog” thing. And now my Mother up in Portland, Maine can see photos of what I wrote about in my email to her (Hi, Ma!).

Originally posted on One More Good Adventure:

My friends, Kris and Joel Cunningham, and a neighbor of theirs, Lauren, made a trip over to the Boca Chica/Boca Brava area today, with Joel driving.

Boca Chica Sat view

The Interamerican Highway is under construction the whole way from David to Santiago in the middle of the country though traveling over to where we turned off to Hoconcitos was pretty easy going. The road from Horconcitos to Boca Chica, which is on the mainland was a different story. We passed a lot of houses that gringos would definitely consider hovels, some made of split bamboo and others that looked as though they were made of discarded lumber picked up along the highway somewhere. But as we discussed, at least these people have places to live. They have homes and aren’t living under bridges which, to our group’s way of thinking is a huge step up from being homeless in America.

The road from Horconcitos…

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2014 in review-Cheers to all, and thanks to those who read my blog-Let’s have a great 2015!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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