Photos from our bike ride in hot,dry David, Panama

We  hopped on our bikes this morning and had a great time right around our neighborhood stopping for photo ops.  We have about one more month of very dry weather before everything greens up, but it’s nice to see that the flowers are blooming in spite of the dryness. I thought you might like to see a little bit of what we have here in our neighborhood.  Enjoy!



Cuba Photos, #3

More Cuba photos…


Impressions of Cuba, Some photos

We visited Cuba February 17-23, 2017. Loved it and the people.

Here I’ve assembled some of my favorite shots. Many are of street art which I found interesting and inspiring.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

I will be posting more later, this is a test run, I have a sore throat and it’s been a long day:)





How to get answers to your questions quickly-a repost from The Panama Adventure

I happened across this cool site! It shows people how to do a google search. I know it’s kind of snarky but I still love it. What kind of money does Panama use? Is it hot in Panama? Cool huh? And, a couple favorites that bring quite a bit of traffic to […]

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