I Posted to a great site, Boquete Ning to help Ometepe Donations

First, a little background……..

Kris and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Ometepe,Nicaragua, an island in the middle of a huge lake with two volcanoes. For three weeks we house sat for a fellow blogger, Deb Goehring of http://retirenicaragua.wordpress.com/. We hit it off with Deb and her husband Ron and had a lovely time staying in their home, exploring the island and meeting all sorts of friendly islanders. We had a great time on that peaceful island and will be returning in late November after a house sitting gig in Granada.

Now, here is the reason I’m posting to ning. I get a lot more views on my blog when I post here. I’m NOT posting to promote IT, but to try to get the word out that a disaster has hit Ometepe since we left and the folks there need some help.

Heavy rains cause multiple problems, mudslides that blocked roads, killed farm animals, ruined crops in the fields, and damaged homes. Not JUST mud and water, but rocks, some quite large, some almost the size of my Hyundai Atos.  Oh, and a few days later the island felt the rumble of a large earthquake. I won’t go into more detail, Deb spells it out on her blog if you go there.

I’m here to let everyone know of a site or two where it is easy to help out with a donation.

ANY amount you care to give will go a long way on this island where a worker is lucky to make $4 (YES, FOUR US dollars a DAY, or $10 if they are skilled).

The first aids the town of Los Ramos. They were hit REALLY hard with a lot of mud, water and rocks, the town is a mess.   


The second site is Puesta de Sol, they had a lot of damage there. Kris and I became friends with many of the folks there and are happy to spread the word to help them. The site is in Spanish and English.  DONAR goes right to the PayPal site which is in English. http://puestadelsol.org/donations.php

There it is, my little plea that you will consider helping these kind folks. When Deb asked what they needed at Los Ramos, a guy replied “Candles and food”. Pretty simple request, I’d say.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’ll copy it and paste it to a post on my blog.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Joel and Kris Cunningham