I see why more folks read blogs about becoming an Expat

Dear Friends,

We are doing okay here in David, Panama but also have a Plan B in case we get priced out of our area. We feel so fortunate to have NOT had enough money to retire in the USA,  we have made new friends in our travels and seen wonderous things.

Be not afraid, there is hope.

This movie “Brokeneggsfilm” (link is below)s quite an eye-opener. Watch it if you care to.

Good Luck to All!!!!!!!!!




A Beautiful Monday in Nicaragua

Like my broom bike? No, I’m not really a witch…..

The Panama Adventure

Our adventure continues on Ometepe Island, and it was another interesting day.  First we headed to town to pick up a few things.

After we got back to the house we decided to go walking. We heard that there was some land for sale nearby so we wanted to see if we could figure out which land it was since we thought we had a general idea.

We saw some young men sitting by the road and talking so we asked them if they knew anything. It turns out one of them was in front of his grandmother’s house and she wants to sell it! It is a small typical house with an outside kitchen, but it has city water and electricity. I am guessing it is on maybe 1/2 acre of land planted with a variety of trees and food producing plants. It is close to but not within…

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Sunday in Altagracia

The Panama Adventure

We had taken the bus through Altagracia and thought it looked interesting. And, since it is the other biggest town on the island we thought we would go check it out. There are buses that go there about every hour so we walked to town and hopped on one.

The drive was pretty, as was the entrance into town. It was Sunday though so most places were closed and the town was pretty quiet. We decided to walk around a bit though and see what the town was like.

We had also heard that the water was nearby so we headed out to look for the beach. A couple locals said it wasn’t far, and it was a bit farther than I would describe as “not far” on foot but it was an interesting walk.

We stopped for a really nice lunch and then made our way back to the…

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The Other Side of Ometepe

Volcanos wearing hats, tiny deer at the restaurant, that’s Omotepe!

The Panama Adventure

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, is shaped like a figure eight around two volcanos. We are on the west side of the northwest volcano and have seen a bit of this part of the island. I have heard about interesting places in the isthmus and around the southeast volcano so I wanted to see these areas too.

There are buses that go to Altagracia (northeast of the volcano near us) every hour but only a few of them go on to other destinations. We caught the morning bus that goes to Balgue which is on the north side of the other volcano, and we took the bikes along so we could do some exploring when we got there. A nice strong guy just picked them up, went up the ladder at the back of the bus and tossed them on the roof!

1 3/4 hours and 80 cordobas later (about $3.20, 20…

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Friday is for Food

Had to pass this on along, it’s been such a wonderful time here!

The Panama Adventure

Our adventure continues house sitting on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. It is interesting here that so many people come to the house selling things. A guy came by a few days ago selling tilapia fillets which I am glad we bought because they were great. Another guy came with little pastry/cookie things which I don’t need, so he will be happy when the folks come back. Another guy was selling plastic chairs.

Today we knew the gardener would be here and it is pay day. We also knew the vegetable truck would be coming and I had a list! If I remember I bought 4 carrots, 6 chayotes, 3 cucumbers, 6 tomatoes, 2 pounds of onions, a cantaloupe, a pineapple, 6 beets,  and a bunch of bananas. I think that was all, and it was about $12.

Once all the expected visitors had been here, I set out with Cappy for a…

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Monday and a new biking experience

Internet back after two days out, good to get back online.
Kris will have many more photos and posts.
This place is nice!

The Panama Adventure

Our experience continues on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. I met someone who is also visiting here and loves to bike, so no surprise that we made plans to go out together! She likes off road biking though, of which I have minimal experience. This is an ideal place for this since the majority of the roads aren’t paved, so there are tons of places to go without ever hitting pavement.

The internet went out for a couple days,  but it is repaired now and we are back on line.  Yeah! More posts and photos are coming.

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Arriving in Nicaragua

Since I haven’t posted in quite a while I thought I would at least re-blog this one from Kris. This is quite a place, I may even post something myself.

The Panama Adventure

We are traveling so posts will not be about Panama for a while, because we are in Nicaragua! I wanted to travel this month anyway so when we learned that a fellow blogger friend needed a house sitter it was just perfect. We made our way though Costa Rica, staying in San Jose and the Liberia. On Thursday we crossed the border into Nicaragua and the took the ferry to Ometepe Island, our destination.

We were without internet most of yesterday for some sort of maintenance, but I have a bunch of photos to put up so I am playing catchup today. I know I am going to have a lot more to say about this area, this experience, and the great people we are meeting!

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