Ometepe Island Mudslides and Destruction

We recently visited Ometepe and were horrified to hear of the devastation the heavy rain and subsequent mud/rock slides that ensued. This was a surprise and very unwelcome as the folks there
have had a hard year. Our friend Deb wrote a great report and I wanted to pass it on.

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

Early Wednesday morning on October 8th, I awoke to take photos of the blood moon. The sky was inky black with clouds hiding the stars, as well as the eclipse of the moon. While I was standing on the beach, I shivered with a sense of foreboding. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something big was about to happen.

Thursday, the rains started. In 12 hours, we had 15 inches of rain. We lost our power early Thursday evening. Then, Friday morning, we had to walk into Moyogalpa to catch the ferry to take our very sick cat, Black Jack, to the vet in Rivas.

The rain sliced through the dark morning sky like sheets of glass. Our local beach bar’s ranchos toppled over like dominos.

We walked silently through the mud into town. The roads washed out, and waterfalls replaced our colorful treed path into town.
IMG_4878Upon returning to…

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One thought on “Ometepe Island Mudslides and Destruction

  1. Deb is an angel for the folks who had such a hard time, all the writing and organising has changed their lives for the better. Our hearts and dollars went out to them. Posting on my blog helped awareness and brought in more money so I’m quite pleased that I could make a difference.

    I think we will concentrate on staying here in David. If we get some land here we could build a small house with a big outside area like we loved at Chambres en Ville. That is our favourite set up by far, a large covered area to spend most of the daytime outside and sleep inside at night. Haydee has some land up the road towards Boquete that we will look at sometime soon. Who knows, we may end up up there?!

    It has been quite pleasant the past 3 months, much cooler than the hot months and that is so nice. December 15 will bring change but now that I have the AC the house can be cooled down if needed.

    I’ll send this on off and respond to you other emails that I found in my spam folder. Who knows how they got there!!!

    Talk with you later… Love, Joel

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