Gallery: Interesting New Places and Possiblities

Kris pretty much says how we both feel, there is much here in David
that we would be giving up and much thought would have to go into
even considering a move. But…..Ometepe is a wonderous, inviting isle that I WILL be returning to.

The Panama Adventure

As you all know, we have been living in Panama for about two years and we recently came back from a great visit to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. I haven’t travelled much or seen much outside of Panama so it was very interesting to visit another place.

Ometepe Island is a very unique place. It is hard to describe the tranquility that pervades the island but you can sure feel it. Life is very basic and most people have very little in the way of material possessions or comforts. But, the people have a calmness, kindness, happiness, and pride in their way of life. The locals often use the word “sano” (sane, wholesome, healthy) to describe life on the island. Most people have lived there all their lives and everyone knows everyone else. Crime is not a worry because who is going to cause a problem when they are stuck on an…

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