Su Carne Rib Eye over a Wood Grill = Much improved Flavor!

Ma reminded me of a photo from the 1950’s where I was about 11 and standing watching some women in Guam roast a chicken on a wood fire they had started at the beach. If they could do it, so could I!M2590029I concocted a plan- dig up some large rocks from the yard, scour the forest across the street for wood, and get some sort of metal grill to put the steak on.M2590024I got the rocks and wood and the toaster oven was the grill donor.M2590029I let the fire get down to mostly coals and put on the steaks.M2590032I had run an electric cord out to the tree so I had electricity for my little light.M2590037I taste tested a bite, too rare, back on the fire.M2590048Above- Potato, sour cream and butter, cheyote, Rib Eyes steak and Balboa, YES! The steak was not too rare or done, it was the way I liked it. Ma had a separate piece, she managed to eat half and save some for tomorrow.M2590009Above – This photo has nothing to do with steak, fires or beer, but Kris took it today and I wanted to share all the colors with you. By the way, it was 95+ here today. Definitely a 4 shower day!

The verdict: the steak was a little chewy but the wood fire and smoke VASTLY improved the taste over the last steaks broiled in the toaster oven.

M2590049Kris made some Corvina, I had a bite and wow, she had outdone herself, they were fabulous.

M2590039I almost forgot about my steak. Almost.

I’m curious as to how a nice Porterhouse would taste over a wood fire. I think I’m going to find out!

PS I got more done narrowing down a place for Ma in Maine. More to come….

Wish you were here-



9 thoughts on “Su Carne Rib Eye over a Wood Grill = Much improved Flavor!

  1. You did well, and you didn’t even set the guanábana tree on fire! I think we need to give further thought to a BBQ area outside.
    Hey, is that my bird picture? 😀

    • Yes, that certainly is your photo, I cropped it to show the bird closer.
      Yeah, a real barbeque would be a lot easier to deal with and I bet we’d
      use the heck out of it! I can see it now, Roasted Papaya, Roasted Banana,
      Roasted ………………….:)

  2. LOL! If I can interject on your conversation… Found this post informative and entertaining! And yes, it was pretty hot today but I limited myself to two showers today.

  3. Good job! The food looks good and it’s a great idea if you have a back yard.

    I wouldn’t mind taking too many showers due to the heat…I’m wearing 2 sweaters and a thick jacket to go outside…it’s -4C in Belgium 🙂 miss the +35C in Panama City

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