Request from a special reader – get a Porterhouse and grill it…

Here comes another food post….Guess I’ll have to go back to Su Carne and get more steak. Seems like Ma read my post and said “that Porterhouse sounds good!”. Ma agreed that the wood fire and higher heat made a big difference, I had cut off a chunk prior to cooking, seasoned it the way she liked it and cooked it a little more rare for her and although it was still a little chewy it had very good flavor.M2590026

I may actually get some T-Bones if the Porterhouse is too thick. The KC strip is also calling to me. Su Carne will be offering smoked pork as soon as the smoker arrives from Panama City. It is big and will cost hundreds just to transport it to David. I’ll pass on more info as I get it.

Check them out, let me know how your steak was!M2520005

PS Kris want to let y’all know that we have fresh papaya and pineapple (my personal fav) at EVERY meal. The critters love the peels too!M2570049

So great tasting and healthy. If I said it before, sue me. Panama’s fruit is great, I’ve never eaten as much fresh fruit in my life!!!!




4 thoughts on “Request from a special reader – get a Porterhouse and grill it…

  1. I’ve gotten so spoiled I don’t think I can get through a day without papaya! And, it’s definitely a favorite with the birds and critters in the yard too. Did I tell you I bought a couple bird books? Soon, when you lift my bird photos for your blog I can tell you what they are 😀

    • I love your photos and want to steal more- you’re welcome to take mine if you find some you want! Did I mention the pineapple is so sweet and doesn’t sting my tongue most of the time? Yummy!

    • Sorry, there are no shops close by. If you drive around in the general area of the map location you could find it.
      It’s on a corner, has a big sign and often trucks in front. Hope that helps. Joel

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