*Preparing for the Move from Panama to Independent Living in Portland Maine*

I usually post about Panama but I’ve shifted my focus to getting things squared away for Ma’s leaving and going to Portland, Maine. We leave Panama on March 15th so we’ve been busy with the necessary preparations for a quantum shift in life styles.M2580010

Above- Ma’s beautiful chest will look good in her new digs!

It’s been a busy time for us the past week. Once Ma figured out where she wanted to go I put the wheels in motion. I called the movers, contacted relatives, did online searches, made lists and phone calls. But there’s still more to do.

I emailed friends and let them know what Ma was thinking. It was great to get their help since they had been in similar situations and found different ways to sort things out. M2580009

Above- the living room is being used as our staging area to see what will be shipped.

I’ve decided to contact “A Place for Mom” and see if they can give us their take on the situation. Since many Independent Living places have waiting lists we may have to find a temporary rental. I’d much rather get Ma into a permanent place while I’m there since I won’t be around to help after I return to Panama.

Things will come out alright, they always do. Like many others, I’m the type who would like to have things lined up in advance. The area looks great, Ma lived in Portland when I was a toddler and the area is affordable.

Now if I just knew the address to where I can tell the movers to deliver to……..but things will work out, they always do:)




4 thoughts on “*Preparing for the Move from Panama to Independent Living in Portland Maine*

  1. Good luck with this next adventure in relocating your mom. It will be bittersweet, but it sounds like she needs to be there with relatives and old friends. Have a safe trip to Maine!

  2. Joel, I have a question. What do the waiting lists look like? And, have you checked into any places in Saco? My Gram was in Wardwell and it was great for her. Also, Saco is a super town to live in. Just info.

    • I don’t have any info on the waiting list time, just “we’re working on it so it shouldn’t be long”. Ma’s pretty set on Portland at the time being, reality will set in when we get there. It’s all up in the air like both of my hands….

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