David/Boquete Rental information from Ed Horna

I just received an email from Ed Horna, my friend and the guy who showed us the house we live in. I’m posting it here as a favour to Ed and the readers of the blog.
If you have any questions about the properties, address them to Ed, his contact info is at the bottom of the page since I am not going to act as a middleman! PLEASE CONTACT ED, NOT ME!!!!!!!!
Hi guys ,

Just so you know if any one ask you about rentals in the david

boquete area , this is what I have at this moment :

David , located near El Rey super market , a very nice 3 brm 2 bath fully furnished house fenced in fast internet available , 900. a month .

David , located in the down town area , 2 brm 1 bath apt Unfunished .

AC in each room , fast internet available ………….300. a month .

David , cozy 2 brm 1 bath house comes basically furnished …..500.a mo.

Boquete , located in down town area small efficiency studio ,perfect

for a single or couple …………………………….250. a month.

(Rent included electricity, cable tv , water )

Boquete  , Furnished 3 brm 2 bath fully fenced in with studio or office …800. a mo.

Boquete , A New 3 brm 2 bath house furnished (washer & dryer included)

super great view , king size bed , large refrigator ………..800. a month .

A min of 6 month lease is required and Unfurnished means no appliances no furniture no beds , (sorry thats Panama !)

Thats all for the moment ,

Thank you and enjoy !

Eduardo Horna

riochiriqui@gmail.com 507-6567-1127 507-6757-0005 AGAIN, PLEASE CONTACT ED, NOT ME!!!!!!!! Later, j

4 thoughts on “David/Boquete Rental information from Ed Horna

  1. Very generous of you to help your friend in his rental business–the units sold so good that they may be snapped up right away. Hope folks won’t bug you a about these!!!!!

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  2. My husband and I are planning a move to Bouquet or David in the near future. Your blog has been both informative and entertaining. Thank you. We have been in contact by email with Ed and look forward to finding a home soon. When we arrive and settle in, I would love to meet you. We are retired and looking forward to stretching our dollars and living the good life in Panama

    • Hi JoAnn,
      Glad you found the blog interesting and entertaining. My wife has a blog, you may have read it called the Panama Adventure. She also has a lot of information and is active where is my blog is pretty much inactive like our volcano. She also has names and numbers of some very helpful people should you ever need to contact them. Let us know when you get settled in and we’ll see if we can meet up sometime. Good luck! Joel

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