A Trip To The Bocas (Chica and Brava)

I was thinking about posting about the trip but Richard says it so well that I’ll leave well enough alone and do the “re-blog” thing. And now my Mother up in Portland, Maine can see photos of what I wrote about in my email to her (Hi, Ma!).

One More Good Adventure

My friends, Kris and Joel Cunningham, and a neighbor of theirs, Lauren, made a trip over to the Boca Chica/Boca Brava area today, with Joel driving.

Boca Chica Sat view

The Interamerican Highway is under construction the whole way from David to Santiago in the middle of the country though traveling over to where we turned off to Hoconcitos was pretty easy going. The road from Horconcitos to Boca Chica, which is on the mainland was a different story. We passed a lot of houses that gringos would definitely consider hovels, some made of split bamboo and others that looked as though they were made of discarded lumber picked up along the highway somewhere. But as we discussed, at least these people have places to live. They have homes and aren’t living under bridges which, to our group’s way of thinking is a huge step up from being homeless in America.

The road from Horconcitos…

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2 thoughts on “A Trip To The Bocas (Chica and Brava)

  1. Just read that there may be a bipartisan momentum on medical marijuana in congress. W/ people awakening and stirring, there may be a brighter future for the millions who endure much suffering.

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  2. Indeed- And for the children and others with epilepsy it’s so unfair to not be legally able to administer needed medicine prescribed from a doctor without leaving for Colorado or other states where it is legal! The tide is turning!

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