Someone Else’s Island

Deb Goehring posted this….after reading it I feel sick and angry at the same time…it’s like a bad dream…Kris and I visited Ometepe recently and fell under it’s spell. I can’t just believe what they say may happen will come to pass..”say it ain’t so.” The canal would change everything and I doubt the gains would outweigh the losses. Rant over.

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

I don’t often respond to the WordPress Daily Post, however Someone Else’s Islandspoke to me personally. Ron recently asked me, “Debbie, what would we take if we were forced to leave Ometepe Island?” My post is a twist on Someone Else’s Island, instead of being stranded on an island, what would we take if we were forced to leave?

Everyone is nervously awaiting the construction of the Nicaraguan Canal by the Chinese. Construction is supposed to start on December 22nd. I am taking this personally because what if Ometepe Island becomes someone else’s island? I heard rumors…that’s all we get…that over 300,000 Chinese will be granted Nicaraguan citizenship to work on the canal.

The map below shows that one half of our beloved island will be controlled by the Chinese. Everything in red along the canal route.


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