Here is what your Ometepe donations have bought!

I thought everyone would liked to see just what the money donated to the Ometepe relief has purchased. Deb Goehring posted to Facebook and I cut and pasted her photo and text. She is THRILLED  and so am I !!!!! Thanks to all who helped this great effort!!!!!!!! ps $500 remains to be spent, how good is that!
Shopping spree successful! The truck was loaded with 220 lbs of sugar, 500 lbs of rice, 125 candles, 10 flashlights ( that’s all we could find in town), 125 bags of salt, six 5 gallon buckets of cooking oil, 500 plastic bags, 125 bags of powdered milk, baby diapers, and lots of small miscellaneous stuff. Tomorrow we go to the top of the hill in Los Ramos, bag everything for the individual families, and distribute it. Many thanks to everyone who donated, Rich Waters for driving his truck, and Ever Potoy for his great bargaining skills. We still have $500 to spend. Woopie!

3 thoughts on “Here is what your Ometepe donations have bought!

  1. Joel,
    I want to thank you for sharing where the donations are going. After seeing this story I had to help. Thank You for spreading the word. All the best to you and Kris.

    • Steve,
      Thanks for letting me know that my sharing of where the dontions were going was important to you. I thought that if folks could see the actual results of the donations it could make a person feel that their own donation, no matter the dollar amount,REALLY helped and was appreciated. Kris and I donated and did some simple math and figured that we helped
      give a “care package” to 30 families.

      I’ve never seen anything where you could acutally SEE where your money went and what it bought. Deb is really to be
      congratulated for what she is doing, I’m just trying to make it so that others can feel comfortable about giving to
      folks they have never met. I’ve not met any of the Los Ramos families but I will try to meet some when we return in November.

      Thanks again for writing. We all appreciate your concern and help!

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