I see why more folks read blogs about becoming an Expat

Dear Friends,

We are doing okay here in David, Panama but also have a Plan B in case we get priced out of our area. We feel so fortunate to have NOT had enough money to retire in the USA,  we have made new friends in our travels and seen wonderous things.

Be not afraid, there is hope.

This movie “Brokeneggsfilm” (link is below)s quite an eye-opener. Watch it if you care to.

Good Luck to All!!!!!!!!!





4 thoughts on “I see why more folks read blogs about becoming an Expat

  1. Very interesting movie and definitely worth a watch. I’m curious what your plan B is, but you sure don’t have to tell me. I think many of us know people still working beyond r retirement due to circumstances beyond their control. Thank goodness moving abroad is still an option! I’m so glad you’ve found somewhere to call home where you enjoy living. For me, since I’m still in the States, the blogs are a great source of information, so thank you for sharing 😃

    • For those Americans who don’t have to rely on the Medicare system and are willing to look at other options out of the country, it MAY be possible for them to actually live well on the money that would not be enough to get by on in the USA. That is certainly true our case. And if we want to even further reduce our cost of living there are other options available, some of which we find intriguing to say the least. As we narrow things down we will post our findings for all to read.

      Hang in there, there is hope. As I said, NOT having enough to retire where we were (Sarasota, Florida) was a blessing in disguise! There is a big, wonderful world out there, one can’t be afraid to travel and explore.

      As they say, “JUST DO IT!”

  2. Thanks Joel.
    They should require every school in the US to show this every year to every student. What a difference it would make.

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