Gallery: A Beautiful Monday in Nicaragua

Like my broom bike? No, I’m not really a witch…..

The Panama Adventure

Our adventure continues on Ometepe Island, and it was another interesting day.  First we headed to town to pick up a few things.

After we got back to the house we decided to go walking. We heard that there was some land for sale nearby so we wanted to see if we could figure out which land it was since we thought we had a general idea.

We saw some young men sitting by the road and talking so we asked them if they knew anything. It turns out one of them was in front of his grandmother’s house and she wants to sell it! It is a small typical house with an outside kitchen, but it has city water and electricity. I am guessing it is on maybe 1/2 acre of land planted with a variety of trees and food producing plants. It is close to but not within…

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2 thoughts on “Gallery: A Beautiful Monday in Nicaragua

  1. The sunsets actually take one’s breath away–such thrills to drink in the exquisite beauty, to be ready to photograph the wondrous changes–then later review them on your screen, oh-ing and ah-ing w/ each process.This spot in Nicaragua is turning out to be an extraordinary 3 wks. in your lives, most certainly a time to cherish. Never stop traveling!

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