Gallery: Sunday in Altagracia

The Panama Adventure

We had taken the bus through Altagracia and thought it looked interesting. And, since it is the other biggest town on the island we thought we would go check it out. There are buses that go there about every hour so we walked to town and hopped on one.

The drive was pretty, as was the entrance into town. It was Sunday though so most places were closed and the town was pretty quiet. We decided to walk around a bit though and see what the town was like.

We had also heard that the water was nearby so we headed out to look for the beach. A couple locals said it wasn’t far, and it was a bit farther than I would describe as “not far” on foot but it was an interesting walk.

We stopped for a really nice lunch and then made our way back to the…

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3 thoughts on “Gallery: Sunday in Altagracia

  1. All posts hold our interest. How pleasant pleased that it has turned out SO well–am sure that readers are jealous of your new life–but they might do as you do, just get up and go. Experiencing life to the fullest is mind-blowing. One finds fabulous scenery and lovely people all over creation We’ve been fortunate to have met so many, who have taught us much–KEEP ON TRAVELING!!!!!!!

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    • Well, Ma, you showed me how easy it was, taking me to Guam at 8 years old back in the ’50’s when there was no internet to ask questions and see what things were like before you went there. It’s even easier now so I can see lots of folks thinking “if they can do it why can’t I”!
      Good luck to all you potential travelers!!!

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