Gallery: Cabalgata – the Parade of Horses

SO many horses, and so beautiful!

The Panama Adventure

I have never seen so many horses! Someone said there were 5000 horses and riders participating.

The parade, or cabalgata, takes place every year on March 19th and people come from everywhere to participate. We have been seeing horses in people’s yards and empty lots all around the neighborhood. On the day of the parade there were people riding horses through town, driving them in trucks, and putting them in every sort of available space.

The parade was supposed to start around 3 PM. My neighbor said we should go around 1-2 PM so we can find a space to watch since there will be a large crowd. We actually went about 3:30 and we still had to wait for over an hour for things to get underway. But, when things started happening there were hundreds and hundreds of horses coming down the street! We were lucky and ended up…

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4 thoughts on “Gallery: Cabalgata – the Parade of Horses

  1. Fantastic Joel. Love your posts – just wish you would do more. You and Kris are an awesome pair and compliment each other very well. We can’t wait to be there and do some of these things with you guys. look forward to seeing you on June 13th.

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