How should I go about finding the right place for me in Panama?

I get some “what/how/where” type of questions and Kris get MANY on her blog. I’ve explained before but rather than repeating I think I’ve got a way that folks can get more suggestions in one place.

Oh, and you will never see a scene like below here in Panama 🙂

001Chris is a blogger friend in Panama City and wrote a good post that is pretty helpful for folks who are wondering where the best place for them. Also included is a list of Panama bloggers and many describe how they approached the decision making process. Here is the link to Chris Power’s Blog.



8 thoughts on “How should I go about finding the right place for me in Panama?

  1. Joel & Kris,
    I JUST returned from a week in David via San Jose. The only way to find your place is by actually going there. I saw Boquete, Volcan, Puerto Armuelles, Cerro Punta, and Ia Frontera.
    Panama is not for us. The only things cheaper there than in the US is rent and liquor. Also veggies at road markets in Cerro Punta. This is the middle of Summer and was hotter than Hades.
    All in all, it’s much better in Texas. If you want better weather, go to Florida. The nationals appeared to all have had their hands out from the gringos. Having lived in Mexico, I would take Manzanillo, Colima or Mazatlan there anytime over all the hoops to jump through in Panama. Much easier betting permanent residence status in Mexico.
    I read a lot of blogs and was hugely disappointed with David, but had to see for myself. Everyone thinking about emigrating to Panama should go there and do their OWN due diligence as I did. It will open a lot of eyes. It surely opened mine!
    Those of you there, enjoy, but it’s not for everyone.

    • Exactly. Go to wherever it is and see if it suits your style.

      Everyone has an opinion, and I much prefer it when people write with that in mind. I don’t want folks reading this blog to take everything what you. I, or anyone else may write as fact, keep in mind that mostly we are MOSTLY sharing OPINIONS, not always facts. Regard words like “all” or “best” as blanket statements and therefore questionable.

      BTW-What/why were you so “hugely” disappointed with in David, what were you expecting that you found/didn’t find, if I might ask? Your answer might help others.

      I agree that anyone considering moving should check the place IN ADVANCE by visiting and comparing, as we both did.

      One must come to their own conclusions.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Wow!!! What an eye opening comment to your blog Joel. You both are soooo right about checking out the place you are considering locating. It just goes to show that “to each his own” and I appreciate his comments. Having said that, I have been to David/Boquete twice this past year and found exactly the opposite of what Dan experienced. The biggest “draw” to Panama and to Western Panama in Particular is the friendliness of its people. They are wonderful and in all of our time, we did no have one bad experience with folks wanting to befriend us because we were Gringos. They were so real / genuine and we loved being with them — and they with us. Lowest unemployment rate of any Latin America country — lowest crime rate in all the Americas, Most polite children we have ever seen —- etc, etc. I could go on and on but we are sold on Panama and will be moving there in June. We too have visited almost all of the Central and South American countries and found Panama to be superior to any of them. Mexico?? Are there two of them? Does any Gringo feel safe there?? Anyway, I do appreciate that Dan wrote.

    • It just goes to show how ‘ya never know. I hope I come through in my blog that I’m writing from MY perspective and don’t expect that anyone else will see it exactly the same, but maybe even from a completely from an different point of view. As is often said,
      IMHO and YMMV:)

  3. Interesting food for thought. Everyone sees things differently. I write truthfully about my reality on my blog, but that doesn’t mean it’s anyone else’s reality. I’d be curious to learn what he expected and what turned out to be different and disappointing. I certainly don’t want to mislead anyone unintentionally.

    • Yes, we write of our personal experiences and sometimes we probably “gild the lily” unknowingly. And I’m different than the average US retiree in that I’ve lived outside of the states a lot and have years of living in styles that are not found in CONUS (Continental United States). Plus, I personally like warm weather, different foods and different cultures. But that’s just me……:)

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