Our Cost of Living in David, Panama – September 2013

Hi- Kris usually posts our cost of living on her blog and since she is quite busy with all her interests she asked if I would put up a post. “Sure”, I said, and now here it is.

The accounting for September is as follows:

TOTAL $2316.39


Rent– $385 Fixed, includes trash and water.

Cable/internet was $59.06

Electricity-$31.59   This is probably the last low bill, I bought a split LG air conditioner  and had it installed in our bedroom. I remembered the house being pretty intolerable (95 INSIDE!) last summer (December15-April 15) and bit the bullet and bought one on sale for $635 installed. It’s not being used much but will be soon. I also painted our metal roof with white silicone paint (Lanco brand) and that dropped the temperature from 127 to 104.

Food- $288   This is in line with what we paid previously. We make nearly all our meals and only eat out once or twice a month.

Car fuel– $34.35  The Hyundai Atos gets about 35-40mpg and we don’t use it much.

Car yearly inspection/tag- $22 Somehow less than the other car

Miscellaneous food– Beer, alcohol, chips,bacon, etc at PriceSmart- $91

Household– $1441 – Some big ticket items ran this up: $635 for an Air Conditioner, $278 for a gas weed eater, $140 for roof paint,  a power washer for $171- and then there were things like wall paint ($65), plastic dresser, paste wax, caulking gun and caulking, etc. It all adds up!

We could have spent less than $1000-Rent, food, electric bill, cable/internet, car gas/tags, liquor/chips/snacks came to $892– I really didn’t HAVE to buy all that other stuff but chose to for comfort, convenience, or because we just wanted to. We find the cost of living to be FAR cheaper than we were paying in Sarasota, Florida where we last lived. We feel like we are eating healthier with all the affordable fresh food that is available.

If you were curious about our cost of living now you know.



5 thoughts on “Our Cost of Living in David, Panama – September 2013

  1. Thank you Joel, you make a fine substitute. And just because you’re trying to be thrifty does not mean that you can’t be comfortable. 🙂

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