A Boca Chica getaway, What a Great Time!

Let me start by saying that, (if you couldn’t already tell by my other posts) – I am basically quite thrifty (read CHEAP CHARLEY)  so I jumped at an online offer boasting a BIG discount on a room at a lodge I’d visited last month. It was from OFERTA SIMPLE, a Panamanian Grupon type of deal. The deal was for $67 a night rather than the usual $165/180 on the website. Got my attention!seagullcove-11

The pool is small but cozy and refreshing.

We like to check out the various attractions close to David and had recently had a similar discounted deal at Las Olas in Playa Barqueta for $49. Kris and I had been to Boca Chica last month and had a great lunch at the Seagullcove Lodge so this was the perfect excuse to go see what a stay at the place would be like.

We arrived at sundown, pulled into the parking lot and were immediately greeted in English by a pleasant young Panamanian gentleman who asked if I was Joel Cunningham. It was a very nice way to start of our stay and after introducing himself, Marcelo helped with our bags as our room was quite a distance down on the side of the hill overlooking the bay. I had spoken to someone on the phone when setting up our reservation and it turned out to be Marcelo. We found out that Marcelo wears many hats – reservations, waiter, wait staff, even doing some gardening when the full-time gardener couldn’t show up-whatever is needed of him. Marcelo was always there for us, smiling and asking if everything was okay. He was great! I felt as if we had our own private butler!!!! I could get used to that:)

After wandering around the premises we settled into our room (which was “The Tanager ” and was EXCELLENT in every way) and spent late Saturday evening watching TV, settling on “Star Trek, The Movie”. It was fun to see Kirk and the crew and hearing the great sound track from back in the day. The off to sleep and rest up for Sunday and the breakfast that we found out that came with the room.

Breakfast is served from 7 to 9 so we squeaked in at 8:30 and both decided on ham and cheese omelets. The coffee was great and went well with the fruit boat of banana, papaya, melon and pineapple that was put in front of us. Then came the omelet, basic but very tasty, served with toast, butter from France and Mora jelly. The food is served in a very open area with views to the south over the tile roofs of the bungalows and out to the bay with it’s anchored yachts and islands beyond. The morning was clear, the great food and wonderful view made for a nice way to start our day.

Kris caught Marcelo’s attention and asked about the kayaks we had read about – he asked if we wanted two singles or a double. We looked at each other and both said “two singles” but against better judgment decided upon the double. I don’t always coordinate well with Kris in canoes or kayaks but we hoped to make it without incident.

Down the many steps from our room was the beach and where the kayaks were stored. Marcelo was there before us with the life vests,paddles and suggestions on where to go and where to avoid. We put on the vests, drug the kayak down to the waters edge and headed out and to the left. We ended up going across to Boca Brava.

Out on the island we paddled into a beach looking for a hotel/restaurant but finding instead a barking dog and a bunch of Panamanian 6 year-olds and and a gal who said “No hotel” so off we paddled. We never found the hotel but we stopped at another beach and had a banana as we walked in the shade looking at the strange rock formations.

Most interesting were the dark rocks the size of small eggs stuck in what looked like it was molten rock that hardened around the rocks. It made me feel that I was standing on ground that was the result of a relatively recent, violent and cataclysmic birth. Layers jutted from the ground at sharp angles as if pushed by forces far stronger than themselves. The land of Panama is so young and primitive in many ways. We got back in the kayak and paddled back to our beach, parked the kayak and climbed the many steps back up to our bungalow. We were tired but happy.

Relaxing and taking photos took up the rest of the afternoon. We had decided to have our dinner in the restaurant so around 7:30 we moseyed up to our favorite table and looked at the menu. Langostinos (“small, stubby lobsters”) were Kris’s choice and I decided on the filete w/balsamic vinager and spices that was heavenly as were the arroz (rice) and broccoli with almond slices. I normally don’t eat nuts but I when I was finished there was NOTHING left on the plate, the meal was truly divine and a great way to cap off a fabulous day.

I later told Marcelo that the meal was the best I had in Panama, he told the chef.  I told the same to a woman I had just met by the name of Sue, who I later learned was the owner! She asked specifically what I had and agreed that it was a good choice.

A wonderful meal served by nice people in a beautiful setting with my best friend and wife, Kris. What more could one ask for? Did I mention the pool?

Sunday morning we had another great breakfast then got ready to check out and return to David. Marcelo needed a ride to David so we had a nice conversation all the way back which made the hour pass by very quickly. We learned a lot about each other, said goodbye, and let him off at El Rey to meet his wife. We then headed home, tired, but very happy. What a great getaway!

More great memories had just been made in our new home, David, Panama.

Please see more photos and read Kris’s take on our wonderful weekend at The Panama Adventure.



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  4. Boca Chica is an excellent place for vacation is located close to El Golfo de Chiriqui and the beaches nearby are amazing. You made an excellent choice!

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