Scorpion number 2, this time IN the house !

I have been told that some folks are disturbed by my posts on Scorpions, that bad memories are brought back. I’m sorry you had a bad experience and I do understand that many people don’t like bugs or pictures of bugs, but there are many who are concerned and my posting may save someone from getting stung. If you don’t like the post then move on or delete it.

Last evening (June 20, 2013) around 11:30 I glanced away from my monitor and saw on the floor under the table a scorpion, crawling toward my wife’s feet on the other side.083

“MOVE YOUR FEET, MOVE YOUR FEET!” was all I was able to come up with. I then mentioned the word scorpion but Kris had already spotted it and had pushed her chair a safe distance away and was grabbing her camera.086           Kris got a flashlight and took this shot.

I grabbed the video camera and took photos and a video of the scorpion from where Kris was sitting.

It didn’t move until I encouraged it with my foot, then it took of towards my side of the table. I shut the camera off, went and got a jar, put it down on top of the scorpion. Then I slid a stiff 4×6 recipe cars under the jar, lifted and turned the jar upright and put a book on top. 090

This intruder is smaller than the one that crawled up my arm but I still don’t think that I would like to get stung by it. Here are the two invaders side by side.089 The one on the right is the one caught in the house. I made a short video of it in the jar.

The legs move kind of fast, don’t they?

I want to thank all the people for their comments and advice on scorpions. It seems that one never can predict when a scorpion will be seen.

The main takeaway was that scorpions can be found anywhere and a person should keep this in mind when picking things up off the ground, inside and outside the house.

I hope this is the last time one gets our attention but I won’t be too surprised if we do get another visitor.

As always, be careful.




9 thoughts on “Scorpion number 2, this time IN the house !

  1. Scorpions Underfoot? | Chiriquí Chatter

  2. That was one time when I was very glad you hollered at me! And, I was glad to have my shoes on. I don’t think I will kick them off under the desk without looking ever again.

    • Spiders are more welcome at our house, they eat the small bugs and we have no intrinsic fear of them. Scorpions look too fearsome with that stinger and bad reputation to boot. Me no likee!

  3. Kris, are these and Lizards found more in the outskirts of PC versus if you lived near the beach if you could find a place that is that one could afford (smile).

  4. I always use my iPhone flashlight when walking to the bathroom barefoot at night – always. I love Panama, but precaution is good. There are other huge bugs that I would not want to feel being squished under a bare foot 🙂

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