*Leaving the USA for David, Panama – I’m going home*

We’ve had a wonderful three weeks visiting kids here in the states but now it’s time to go home. Home. It feels a little strange to say that I’m going home from the USA to David, Panama-but that’s what it feels like, home. I guess that I’ve grown quite comfortable and fond of my chosen city in Panama, David. Don’t get me wrong, Austin and Santa Rosa are great places to live however I like the slower pace of David for this time in my life. I’m old.

Panama is a better fit than Sarasota, Austin or Santa Rosa for us if we want to live within our budget and still enjoy a few things . True, David doesn’t have scores of fancy eating places or things to do like here in the states. But I don’t need all that, the fun for me is that David is growing, I can see and feel it – David is “getting there”, wherever “there” is. David is growing and I can see potential everywhere I look. I guess it’s a lot like watching a child grow and go on to bigger and better things – David is growing and, IMHO, improving. There is a very positive vibe in David that I find that very encouraging and exciting, and I want to be part of it.

I’ll be back at home on Sunday. The weather has cooled off since we left, even Portland, Maine where my mother lives will be hotter than David on Saturday. It is dry and brown here in Santa Rosa, the rain has probably greened David up a lot in three weeks. I’ve gotten used to the cool weather here and will have to get out of these long-sleeved shirts and jeans and back into my shorts.

I think I can deal with that:-)104_2888

It’ll be good just to be home.




6 thoughts on “*Leaving the USA for David, Panama – I’m going home*

  1. A new friend that has only been living in our area for three months, and doesn’t yet have a permanent home, recently had to return to the US for some family business. I saw her on the day of her return to the burg and she told me that she was so happy to be Home even though she has only lived here for a short time. She was quite surprised at how she was feeling.

    Panama will never be as easy as Canada was but it has a way of grabbing your heart doesn’t it? Last June, when we had only lived here for a short while when we were informed that our permanent residency was approved and we had to go to Panama to complete the process. We put it off as long as we thought feasible and finally traveled overnight to get it done in early July. We were driving down the last stretch of of highway toward Pedasi and the town was coming into view, we both agreed it was good to be Home.

    Have a safe trip Home Joel and Kris. 🙂

    • Yes, there is an peaceful, easy feeling (thank you, Eagles) to Panama that has grabbed my heart and mind. I truly miss it and can’t wait to get it back. But we did have a great time here and really enjoyed the whole trip. We’re off again in August to Kansas and other places for more visiting, looking forward to that too. Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Here in VA, we are having classic VA weather. Cold last weekend (especially the nights!) and now heat wave. So far three days of 90 plus temps, sunny and humid–of course. Missing out on spring a bit. Have fun back in David!

  3. No humidity here in Santa Rosa, my nose and skin really need more humidity to not dry out, David’s weather will fix me up in a flash! I do encourage anyone who hasn’t been here to come to the wine country and northern California in general. It’s gorgeous! And visit Volcan too, it has amazing views!

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