Danger in the River Chiriqui – Caiman Spotted!

Kris and I love taking our cameras down to the river behind our house, we never know what we’ll see. I was busy taking some close-ups when Kris called to me to come quickly, NOW!. I got up to see what she was talking about and was quite surprised to see a small caiman floating about 20′ from shore.104_2908

I say small because in Sarasota, Florida, where we lived before coming to Panama, I had seen many alligators from 8′ – 10′ long.

I did some research and found that the Panama caiman can grow up to 8′ long, that’s a lot bigger than I thought they grew!

i don’t feel particularly threatened by the presence of this little guy but it may have a big brother, SO…..I now will be a little more vigilant if I decide to take a dip in our beautiful and possibly dangerous river.



7 thoughts on “Danger in the River Chiriqui – Caiman Spotted!

  1. Are these caimans dangerous? I thought they only fed on fish, and I wonder if the recent drought you were talking about has forced them upriver. If so, they could be more aggressive than what I read about.

    What are the locals saying about their appearance?

    • I’ve read that some people have been killed in Panama but not sure if the larger crocodiles
      were responsible. I don’t know what the locals say, I’ll have to ask.

  2. As much as I can recall I havent read much about Cayman attack to humans in Panama. Even with that information I will keep myself at a distance from this animal. People should call the Anam to hunt him and relocate to another place not dangerous for humans and pets.

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