*Off on a Banana Quest in the woods across from my house*

What do you do when you think the bananas in the woods you saw last month may be ripe or at least  big enough to pick? They weren’t ripe, but that’s good because ripe ones wouldn’t survive the fall.  Our house is in the photo below.104_2753Below: Directly across is our neighbors house with the banana trees on the right just about 100′ into the woods.104_2755Below: Here’s a shot from the right of the neighbor’s house with a lot on the right.104_2756

Okay, I should go, push the tree over and pick up the bounty!

Nice try but, not so fast, Joel,,,

This particular tree was REALLY tall, over 20′ and had an extremely thick trunk, over a foot across and well rooted. It wasn’t wanting to go anywhere with me just pushing on it. Okay, so maybe I could climb up a few feet, wedge myself somehow between the trunk and the tree next to it and use my legs to push it over – WRONG again! I could see myself being crushed if it did fall over. Back to the drawing board.104_2759Above: If you look hard you might be able to see the bananas near the top of the tree.

Since my attempts at using what brute force I had in me had failed, I figured a saw would do the job. Back across the street I went to see what I had for tools, The batteries were dead in my De Walt cordless so I grabbed my trusty hack saw to see how it would work. 104_2764104_2765

With a few strokes the hack saw had done what I needed it too, the bananas were on the ground along with the tree. 104_2766104_2767104_2769photo by Kris104_2822

The fall had been too much for about 20 of them but more than 60 had made it. Now we just have to wait a few weeks and then, Banana Splits for all!

Come and join me!



*Photos of driving around my neighborhood in David*

I live in the northern section of David, off of Via Boquete, a road that is closed due to construction but will eventually open to traffic that goes to Dolega and Boquete, I like it and feel that the town is definitely spreading out in our direction. Many of the homes are quite nice and professionals like to live in the area. it’s close to the nice El Torrenal Mall, banks and supermarkets. The lack of zoning makes for some interesting contrasts as seen in some of the photos. The tour starts near the mall and ends up by my house.

Hope you enjoy the tour!

104_2736 104_2737 104_2738 104_2741 104_2743 104_2745 104_2746 C 104_2748 104_2749 104_2750 104_2752