*Need help finding a Rental in David/Boquete? Meet Eduardo Horna via Video*

I had spoken to Eduardo (Ed) Horna last month about shooting a short video to introduce him properly to the readers of the blog. I saw  Ed’s posts on the Yahoo Group “Gringos in David” while doing my research on Panama 2 years before we came. Ed often had the best prices I had seen. We were looking for a reasonably priced rental (around $400 for our budget needs) and his ranged from slightly over $100 for a basic place to $1200+ for a very nice one. Kris came down 3 weeks before I did, called Ed and was shown the place we now call home. We liked the area, the house and the price and the rest is history.

If speaking Spanish is difficult for you, don’t worry, Ed speaks very good English. He has lived in the states, is very honest and has a great sense of humor. I think you will like him!

A word to the wise-Don’t think you can come down, have Ed drive you around and look at places and have them be there later, rentals often go quickly, especially the more desirable ones. But when you are ready to find a rental, REALLY ready, as in ASAP, give Eduardo a shout via email riochiriqui@gmail.com or phone 6567-1127 and he will tell you what he has that might meet your needs.

Good Luck in your travels!



2 thoughts on “*Need help finding a Rental in David/Boquete? Meet Eduardo Horna via Video*

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