*Beach house rising from the sand….our friends home under construction at Playa La Barqueta, Panama*

Blogs are neat in many ways, one is that you can make friends that you would never have met otherwise! Kris’s blog ThePanamaAdventure had a reader, Carol, who had a question of two for Kris. Well, long story short, it wasn’t long before we met Carol and Tony, her husband- they’re nice folks, and we hit it off famously. Tony and Carol are from Canada and have been visiting Panama for many years. They told us they had bought a ocean lot at Playa La Barqueta, which is about 25 minutes from David, and invited us to spend some time swimming, eating and seeing the home they are having built.

On Saturday, a little after 1pm we arrived at Las Olas, a nice resort, met up with Carol and Tony and decided to have some lunch before going in the ocean. We ate at the restaurant there at Las Olas- chicken wraps, salads and hamburgers with fries. The food was all very tasty, my hamburger was large, thick and the best I’ve had here in Panama, (Okay, I’ve only had 2 but it really was excellent and with a LARGE order of very good fries it was $6). After a nice meal and some relaxing conversation it was now time for Kris and I to tackle the ocean.

Actually, it was more of the ocean tackling us- the surf was pretty heavy with a lot of undertow attempting to pull you off your feet, sometimes out to sea and other times towards land. (I took a lot of videos with my Contour Roam but it may have drowned for it now refuses to let the computer recognize it, darn.)The tide was high, and the waves close to us weren’t breaking nicely, soooooo after 15 minutes of being thrashed and flung about we accepted defeat. We went ashore, gathered our belongings and headed west to see the site of the Carol and Tony’s new home.

*Wish you were here!*

What a great day and night Kris and I had! Breakfast, biking, tending to internet related stuff, seeing our friend Eduardo Horna who found us the house we live in, and then having dinner with our neighbors from across the street, Lucho and Haydee (Heidi). I don’t usually go on about our day but it has been a good week and seems to be getting even better! Soon we will take a small trip to Bocas Del Toro and that should be fun and a neat place to post about.

But getting back to today, and more specifically, tonight. Lucho and Haydee (Heidi) were visiting and accepted our invitation to stay for supper. I cooked up some hamburgers, we took all the food out to the back terrazza where we sat down, and enjoyed the food, drink and conversation. (One of my stock food photos below;)M2520005This night was so special for Kris and me since they were the first Panamanian guests we’ve had for supper and they have been SO kind and helpful to the both of us. We have so much to learn and they are happy to teach us!

“Good friends, good food and drink, good weather and enjoyable days and the adventures they bring to look forward to”, says I.Kris getting her low shot

Kris getting her low shot

 Guess I can’t ask for much more than that except to say—————

Wish you were here!