*The Highlands of Volcan, cool and only 1 hour away!*

Kris said, “Hey, let’s jump in the car and go to Volcan!” Why not, Volcan is only 55 minutes from my house in David. We live 6 minutes north of the Pan American highway and just go west on it for about 25 minutes then turn north at Conception and start heading uphill until we reach Volcan. And what a ride it is-I was driving so Kris got to look at the scenery more since I REALLY needed to keep my eyes on the road, two lane and twisty as it was.But I did get to go slow or stop and took a few pictures. Please ignore the incorrect date on the photos:)009005004006007008The last shot is of Volcan Baru, the highest peak in Panama. Volcan the town is at the 4,200′ level, Baru rises to 11,398 and gets down to 30 at night.

Kris will have more on an upcoming post, be sure to take a look, we have some interesting shots of veggies being grown on impossibly steep hillsides!

The trip was good for the body and mind, we saw some friends, cooled off compared to our area (70 vs 90) and saw some pretty magical landscapes. If you are in our area I highly recommend taking the drive, I think you’ll like it.



4 thoughts on “*The Highlands of Volcan, cool and only 1 hour away!*

  1. Definitely do it but don’t make the drive at night, too many trucks, curves and no passing areas where people pass anyway! Absolutely fabulous in day!

  2. Volcan and Cerro Punta, I think, are much nicer and more scenic than the overly touted Boquete. Have you driven the Ruta Sur yet? If not, got up towards Boquete, but at the Y bear left. (The stone walls along that route are actually several hundred years old) When you get to the Potrerillos Y bear left again. It’s a very scenic ride and can be taken all the way over to Volcan.

    • Agreed, we’re headed to Cuesta de Piedra Wednesday or Thursday. I remember seeing Ryan Grassley’s ( Halfthrottle) YouTube video and wanted to go so off we go! More pics and maybe a video.

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