*Thanks to you out there wherever you are!!!*

I want to recognize and thank the folks from around the world who have viewed my blog. When I write I imagine that my posts will interest those in the US the most but obviously there are folks here in Panama and Canada who make up a large percentage of the readers. I only write what I know, I try to keep it positive, entertaining and possibly of use to the reader.

I am open to ideas as to what to write about, if you would like me to consider your idea then please leave a comment and I will try to oblige.

Thanks again to the folks in all these countries-I love looking at all the different flags:)



United States 2,070
Panama FlagPanama 1,130
Canada FlagCanada 420
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 38
Ecuador FlagEcuador 30
Belgium FlagBelgium 21
Bahamas FlagBahamas 20
Germany FlagGermany 16
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 10
Barbados FlagBarbados 10
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica 9
Greece FlagGreece 8
India FlagIndia 8
Sweden FlagSweden 7
Mexico FlagMexico 6
Colombia FlagColombia 5
Romania FlagRomania 5
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 5
Haiti FlagHaiti 4
Spain FlagSpain 4
Nicaragua FlagNicaragua 4
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 4
Mauritius FlagMauritius 4
Italy FlagItaly 3
Philippines FlagPhilippines 3
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 3
Finland FlagFinland 3
Hungary FlagHungary 2
Turkey FlagTurkey 2
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 2
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 1
Mozambique FlagMozambique 1
Denmark FlagDenmark 1
Kenya FlagKenya 1
Japan FlagJapan 1
Jordan FlagJordan 1
Thailand FlagThailand 1
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 1
Brazil FlagBrazil 1
Peru FlagPeru 1
Cambodia FlagCambodia 1
Ireland FlagIreland 1
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTr                                                                                                               1

5 thoughts on “*Thanks to you out there wherever you are!!!*

  1. It always amazes me where the readers of my blog come from, too. I mean, New Caledonia and Aland Islands? Why in the world would they be reading me. My dad was in New Caledonia during the “big one” as Archie Bunker would say, but who ever heard of the Aland Islands besides the people who live there? Well, I looked them up. The Åland Islands or Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised, monolingually Swedish-speaking region of Finland that consists of an archipelago lying at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. Cool and really weird why someone there tuned in to my blog.

    • All those different flags representing so many countries- makes you wonder what they think of you and if any of
      what you write affects they way they think or feel and ultimately, what they do and where they go. Amazing.

  2. I am looking into retiring to Panama in approx 6 years and enjoy reading about how expats view life in their new home, good and bad experiences. I read several blogs from people living in different areas of the country and find all the blogs useful in my research/dreaming

    • Hi Mike,
      Wow, you’re starting a lot earlier than I did, good for you. I write so folks can have the best experience they can,
      I want folks to know what it’s like for us here and if there’s a takeaway then all the better. Read, compare, come here
      for visits and let me know what you think and feel.

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