*Cheap drugs in David- (to fight cold symptoms:)*

I’m talking about legal drugs, that is, the kind you can buy over the counter here at Arrocha in the Terronal Mall. When the total for the 3 items came to $8.06 it was a lot cheaper that I had expected. When I got home I went online to see the prices of the same or comparable medicines.

The Aleve was 12 tablets for $3.25 with a jubilado discount of .65 it came to $2.60. Online the same drug was $6.00.

The Sinutab Plus NS D was $2.96 , with discount of .57 it came to  $2.39.

The last item was similar to Robotussin called Alicol Jarabe, at $3.96, .79 discount brought it down to $3.17.ImageMy total here in David came to $8.06, the online total was around $18, less than half the online price which I guess would be pretty close to what I would have paid at CVS in Florida where I used to live.

With the $10 I saved I could buy a couple of big Macs, or better yet, a lot of fresh fruit at the local fruit stand.M2840001

Ok, you’ve seen this photo before and know that I could only get about !/2 for $10, the hard part would be WHAT NOT to get!

But, since we’re finishing off the last of the watermelon, you know where I’m headed….:)




4 thoughts on “*Cheap drugs in David- (to fight cold symptoms:)*

  1. Wow what a haul! Tel me about the jubilant discount. I know seniors qualify. Do you have to apply officially for it? Also was wondering about applying for a Panamanian passport. Can you tell what is required? Thanks for all the great blogs.

    • Nothing official necessary-the cashier said “Jubilado?”,”Si”, I replied. She then said to her co-worker “Con disquento” and the gal came over to the register and entered the items in one at a time with discount.
      I believe the discount is normally 20%, it may vary, I don’t have the info handy. You just need your American passport if you are American. Details are on the web. Thanks
      for taking the time to comment!

  2. Joel: A good photo never gets old. And although you could buy a couple of Big Macs, why in the world would you even contemplate doing something as horrible as that? I didn’t go to McDoo Doos in the States, I’d never do it here. Nostalgia or nausea?

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