*What’s on my Malibu?*

Snow. Lots of it. Thought I’d never have to remove snow from a car again-wrong. I did okay, only my scraping hand got cold. Go ahead and laugh, soon I’ll be cooking in 90+ Panama heat! Check out these photos….I’m the sheik of Araby015ImageImage

Now I see the rear door handle…ImageImageThat looks erieImageHalfImage Panama this is not

You get the general picture- cold,slippery, windy, “don’t go out if you don’t need to” kind of weather. We never left the hotel, coffee, hot chocolate and whatever was in/on the fridge got us by. We are the Champions! Not. But there is always tomorrow… Good night, sweet dreams!




8 thoughts on “*What’s on my Malibu?*

  1. Yes, this exactly why I live in Panama! I have hefted my last shovel of snow ever! Of course, you couldn’t get the rest of my family out of Maine if you tried! Still love Maine in the summer.

  2. LOL! They say it will be a very late spring this year in Norte America! I would rather be weeding the garden than shoveling that stuff.

  3. Ewwwwww!! That’s just what you needed when you have a thousand things to do. It’s a hot afternoon here and I feel much better looking at your photos which make me appreciate these temperatures. You will be back here soon!

  4. Back in Panama | The Panama Adventure

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