*My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…..*

Ma’s bags are packed too, we’re setting the alarm for 5:30 and will leave David at 8:15 for the first leg of our journey to Portland, Maine. And wouldn’t you know it, Ma found a friend last week and is talking to her on our front porch right now. She’s the neighbor from across the street, Ama, an English teacher for 24 years here in the David area. They both love visiting, it’s bittersweet that NOW, as Ma is looking forward to starting a new phase of her life, she leaves behind her new friend. But, don’t dismay, Skype to the rescue! And email, of course. All is not lost! M2720001M2760001The field was burned, the roots lived and the life will return stronger than ever.M2750004M2750005M2750001M2750002Above: I heard a noise in the tree outside our living room, guess what I found? It didn’t like me poking the camera in it’s face.

My wife Kris did all the bookings of planes, cars and hotels. We’ll be in Miami on Friday night, leave at 9 am and arrive in Portland 2 pm Saturday. We’ll chill on the weekend, do whatever she wants and then at 2:30 Monday we will see the apartment and sign the paperwork. Then I’ll spend the week getting the place to Ma’s liking before I leave on Friday for Panama, Kris will meet me in Panama City, spend the night, and then take the 7 hr bus ride back to David.I’m glad the time is finally here to go but I can’t wait to return, we have so much to do! And we’ll keep you up to date on what’s cookin’ in David. Stay tuned….




7 thoughts on “*My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…..*

  1. Safe travels, Joel! Get your mom good and settled and then more fun in David! We are headed to Panama in two days, but alas, hope to get as far as Pedasi this trip. Someday soon we will venture to Boquete and David!

  2. Have a safe trip to Maine. I’m looking forward to being there in July. I hope your Mom is very happy in Portland. It’s a great city. Keep us all posted on the adventure, please.

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