*Un-met Expectations? Not many for me in David,Panama…*

I knew I would like David, Panama, heck, I’d been here 2 times before, I just didn’t know how much.

I like it here a lot, I’ll admit I like all the typical things that are mentioned on the internet, cheap housing, food and liquor. I expected to enjoy the natural beauty but I found that with my camera I found even MORE beauty than expected, even some of the BUGS were pretty!

But the best part is about David for me is… the people. I see happy, smiling, KIND people every day here. If the people here are stressed, they sure hide it well.M2170006

I don’t hear raised voices except when folks are celebrating. We always get smiles and waves from strangers, sometimes we smile first, sometimes they do. “Buena” is used ALL THE TIME, kind of like Aloha, a general greeting, goodbye, what have you. From the young to the old.

There’s a good vibe here in Panama. I feel it even more when I speak to nearly everyone, from the guy pumping my gas to ALL the doctors we’ve met (6) and just about everyone in between.

Smilin'! My dentist Dr Spiegel

Smilin’! My dentist Dr Spiegel

These are many folks who go out of their way to provide not just good, but excellent service-service with a smile.M2200006

So I guess I’ve given up stress and low-level anxiety for a life among happy people and beautiful surroundings. I live cheaper, eat better and enjoy each and every day.M2520005

I have more than I need and want for little more.




11 thoughts on “*Un-met Expectations? Not many for me in David,Panama…*

  1. I do really think that some expats should learn a lot about they way you are enjoying and adapting to Panama. It is a small country. It is not a perfect country. It has a lot of things to do better and improve. It is a poor country but even so people try to be happy and enjoy life.

    • Thanks, Roger,
      I agree with you and want people to come here and enjoy themselves and the wonderful Panamanian way of life,
      NOT come here, wall themselves in and only associate with there own kind. Growing up in Guam and in Hawaii I got to meet people from many different lands and cultures and feel very privileged to have met them. It can be a lot of fun to learn new things and new ways rather than to cling to the past and not immerse oneself in what is available locally. We have a family from Columbia on the corner 3 houses away and they are so nice, kind and fun to talk to. They gave us food some food treats at midnight on Mothers Day, we were new in the neighborhood and didn’t know many neighbors so that was an especially kind gesture we will never forget!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, it let’s me know if I’m doing an okay job or not:)

  2. I really love your attitude about living in Panama. My husband and I have been in Dolega for 10 years and have loved every minute. We live in a Spanish speaking neighborhood and have been adopted by the large family that lives around us. my Spanish still is not great but I find the Panamanians are always patient with me. I think it’s all about being open to the adventure. I feel sorry for the people who are always finding something to complain about. They miss so much.

  3. Embracing the same lifestyle, I agree with you 100 percent! With time, I have also learned compassion for those who bring their high-stress attitudes with them; they help me remember to be thankful for my own gifts and personal growth, and I hope that in time, they will also learn that it’s really not so bad with the less-is-more attitude. It’s not bad – it’s the secret to happiness! There are times when, through negative people, the devil enjoys provoking me. When ‘he’ succeeds, I go inward and try to figure out why I allowed someone to punch my buttons. I should thank those people for the difficult lessons, though it usually takes time before I reach that point!

    Then there are the kind and gentle people that we cross paths with on a daily (hourly?!) basis. They are the true heroes – the vegetable vendors, the mom and pop restauranteurs, the butcher who attempts to bring a better quality cut of meat to the counter. And because they smile, we smile, or if we smile, they smile!

    Yes, less is so much more! I’m glad that you and Kris have discovered that as well! Nice post! Z

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