*Need a cool breeze in your home at night?? Here’s a cheap solution…*

We have an a/c but don’t use it. We like the evening’s cool breeze. Unfortunately, the bedroom sometimes was pretty warm when the breeze died down or went the wrong way… time to MacGyver the problem.

When we were in Florida I’d figured out how to create a draft-

1. Open a window that you wanted the air to come in. (Hint-it’s behind the curtain).Image

2. Aim a fan out a open window in another room.(I hung the fan outside the bathroom, since my wife, Kris, objected to the ladder in the shower with the fan perched on the tip top).Image

3. Turn on fan. I’m lazy, I have ours set to a timer.

4.Enjoy the breeze.(Notice how the curtains billow bringing cool air down on the pillow and freezingyourearsat4amforcingyoutopullthepillowoveryourhead!!!!!!).Image

I got the air to come in our bedroom window by hanging the fan outside outside the bathroom window, leaving the bathroom door open, closing the bedroom door and thereby creating the draft. The speed of the fan controls the draw, if you’re too cold, turn the fan speed down a notch.

Another trick/tip-if there is too much breeze but you don’t want to get out of bed just pulling the curtain slightly to one side will decrease the air dropping down on you!



2 thoughts on “*Need a cool breeze in your home at night?? Here’s a cheap solution…*

  1. I have often used similar solutions. When I lived on my shanty boat in New Orleans it would get fantastically hot inside during the summer when I was off at work. Sometimes it would be over 100 degrees. The way I combated that was rather simple. I’d put a large box fan in the back door blowing OUT, and open the front door. I had also installed a lawn sprinkler on the flat, tar paper roof. I’d turn that on and then go take my shower. When I’d return the temperature inside would have dropped 15 to 20 degrees.

    Several years later I lived on a small sail boat in Fort Lauderdale, another hot place. At night when I was getting ready for bed I’d open the forward hatch which was right over my bunk and put a box fan in the main hatch blowing out. It would create a wonderful breeze down over my bed and, invariably, I’d wake up in the morning with a blanket pulled over myself sometime during the night.

    Simple solutions for the real world. However, most gringos around here would just keep their air conditioning going full bore 31 (that’s 24/7) and then complain about how much their electric bills are.

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