“Hi, Can I help you find anything”, meet Francisco at Super Baru..

Yesterday was a good day.  And, while Ma and I were grocery shopping, the day got even better.

Ma likes to shop at the Super Baru on the opposite side of the Pan American Highway from El Rey. It’s a smaller store than El Rey, is easier to get around in, and has small portions of veggies and items for the single person or small eater. ImageHowever, I find the aisles are not well marked, nor in English, and I don’t have the locations of the items memorized so sometimes it’s hard for me to find things.

Apparently it looked like we needed help as we were soon approached by a nice looking young man who asked us if we needed help finding things. His English was good, far better than my Spanish, and when we told him we wanted some furniture polish he said, “I will find it, you can keep shopping, don’t worry, I will find you.” A few minutes later he reappeared with two choices of polish in his hands – we chose one and put it in the cart and I asked what his name was. “My name is Francisco, I’m the Customer Service Representative”. “If you need help finding anything or have any suggestions or criticisms, please tell me.”

Ma and I were pretty impressed with the store’s representative. We’ve had great customer service here in David in the smaller stores but this level of attention was unique for a larger store. I did mention the aisle markings problem and Francisco said that he had thought of that too, but “They don’t listen to me, only the customer, so thank you for telling me!”

I didn’t have a camera or I would have taken his picture for you to see. Maybe next time.

I thought that this story was important enough to post, it’s good to know that people around you actually care and I want to give credit to those people – and it’s always nice to be the recipient of unexpected kindness, WE sure needed the help! Francisco actually helped us once again that same day (couldn’t find the Mott’s Garden Blend)-what a guy!
Thanks, Francisco!!!




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