Just Met Don Ray Williams (Chiriqui Chatter)

I was standing in line waiting to pay my gas bill in the El Rey supermarket and was surprised to hear “When I hear someone speaking English I give them my card”. I turned towards the voice and came face to face with a man whom I felt I had come to know quite well, Don Ray Williams, the creator of Chiriqui Chatter, a wonderfully helpful blog for someone like me who wanted specifics on the town and people of David. We spoke for a few minutes and then continued shopping. Don uses the photo below at the top of his blog.

I’ve probably followed his posts for 2 or 3 years and learned much from the posts and the comments. Don writes about his experiences in David, uses humor and can get pretty technical if needed. If you are considering David as a destination Chiriqui Chatter is loaded with information. He enjoys promoting local eateries, sampling their offerings and rating them compared to the competition.

Don is familiar with the local hospitals and has good advice and tips that expats  may want to be aware of. I have some experience, Don has much more and I’m glad I read his stories.

He really cares about the area and his readers and it shows,

If you are considering the area, do yourself a favor if you haven’t already and check out Chiriqui Chatter.

Don, thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! We’ll talk soon!




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