*I Shot the Motmot- But I Didn’t Shoot the Deputy…*

With my camera, of course. I had taken the video camera (Panasonic HDC-TM90) which is my go-to camera having close/long/video capabilities, gives decent photos and is easy to use. I was trying to get really close to a small dragonfly on the top of a clothes pin on the line when my eye caught a movement about 20 feet away. Image

I could barely see what looked like a bird in our orange tree but managed to finally get it in the display. My wife Kris came out right at the time I was shooting and recognized the bird as a Turquoise-browed Motmot which we had seen a pair of a month ago. See if you can spot it in my first attempt to close in on it.ImageI finally got a couple of shots before it flew back into the forest that goes down to the river behind our house. What a pretty bird, I love seeing them!Image

They seem to like to switch their tail back and forth, at least this one did.

ImageImageNo one knows when a photo op will appear but I was happy that I had the camera in my hand when out of the forest came the Motmot. I shot the Motmot.  Enjoy the shots.Image

(Click on the photos to see them full size.)




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