Food Shopping at Super Baru

Going to the food store, a normal, everyday experience for folks around the world. Sometimes the experience is better than other times for various reasons. Today was a GOOD DAY, not too crowded, found what we wanted, nice people helping us, and LOTS of good food for a low price.

We went to Super Baru, a great store a couple of miles from my house and a the favorite of two stores for my mom to shop in. It’s smaller than El Rey, the other store we like, not as new or fancy but  with enough nice touches to be endearing. Lots of small packages of food on shiny wooden shelves giving an old timey feel to parts of the display racks. The top shelves aren’t too high, and when you stand 5 feet tall, that’s a nice touch.

They also have a good selection of North American and European foods (cheeses and special meats) and many in small sized containers. If you are a small eater or just cooking for one it’s nice not to have to buy in large quantities if you choose not to.

The vegetable section is much the same, if want to buy a single stalk of celery they have one wrapped up for you. This may not seem like a big deal for some, but if you are tired of throwing out food that you just couldn’t eat and didn’t want to buy such a large quantity in the first place, then you know how nice this is.

Notice that the highest price is slightly over a dollar and many of the prices are less than 50 cents. The store even has tiny plastic bags that you put your four peppers in, hand it to the produce man, he hands it back with the weight and price and there you go. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP, YOU WILL BE SENT BACK TO PRODUCE OR HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE WHILE AN EMPLOYEE GOES BACK AND GETS THE PRICE FOR YOU.  I speak from experience….

Ma likes the store a lot, we’ve only been there twice and we’re starting to get used to it like we were used to Publix in Clearwater, Florida. It’s a much smaller store but with most of all the things that we need so all is well. We’ll learn where everything we need is eventually and until then it’s an adventure with super nice people to help us. A great start to a  new year!



7 thoughts on “Food Shopping at Super Baru

  1. There is a learning curve to grocery shopping here that you don’t have in the States. El Rey, Super Baru, Romero and President Martinelli’s Super 99, stock different things. For instance, in the condiments section there is a mind boggling assortment of soy sauces. Most of the time El Rey doesn’t stock Kikkoman soy sauce though you’ll almost always find they have Teriyaki sauce for some reason. Baru and Romero always have Kikkoman soy sauce.

    I have certain recipes I love that require sherry as an ingredient. After two and a half years of shopping the various supermarkets here I finally found a bottle at the Romero down on the street where Super 99 is located. No one else carries it. I couldn’t even find a bottle at Felipe Motta, the liquor store at the Teronal Plaza when I went in a couple of times. Don’t worry, though, after a while you’ll know what market you need to go to for the specific product you’re looking for.

    If there’s something you like to eat and there are three of that item on the shelf, take two of them because there’s a good chance none will be stocked when you return because you need it now,. There is a mind set here in Panama that you’ll soon become accustomed to. If something sells well you won’t be able to find it. The store won’t be ordering it after a while because “it’s too hard to keep it on the shelf.” The stuff in the store isn’t for selling. It’s for display and if they can’t keep it on the shelf then the display is ruined and not worth ordering more of.

    Unless you’re looking for something specific like apples or pears, buy your veggies at the small stands along the road. The quality is as good as, and sometimes better than, what the supermarkets offer, plus the money is going to ordinary Panamanians and not a big corporation. (El Rey and Romero are owned by the same people, did you know that?) The little veggie stand a couple of blocks up on the Boquete road from El Rey has good quality veggies at good prices and the people are very nice.

    For the most part I try and stay away from imported foods, but there are some things you absolutely HAVE to buy. NOBODY makes peanut butter better than Jiff or Skippy. I’ve tried the others but I just pay the extra for what I like. Like Heinz ketchup. Oh well.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I tried so save money and get some cheaper pepperoni but went back to my Fiorucci from El Rey, it’s just worth it to me.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. You have a very nice blog, hats off to you for all the good photos and helpful hint to folks considering moving to a different place.

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