Aside: Everything has to start somewhere…….sometime……somehow…..

Everything has to start somewhere…….sometime……somehow…..

….so I shall start now.

Plan B becomes Plan A.

Sarasota, Florida. A great place to Retire if you can afford it.  Many great folks there, beautiful beaches and good weather.

i thought we would probably stay in Sarasota if I retired at 70, but I retired at 65 and my income was less than I had figured it would be. Plus my retirement savings were slim, the Florida cost of living had risen rapidly and it seemed that my wife and I would need to keep working if we wanted to stay in our home and have a decent lifestyle.

Moving to Panama had been Plan B until I realized that I would have to continue to work until I was 80 if we wanted to stay there. Plan B allowed us to live on the small retirement I was to get.

The thought of working for another 15 years was pretty unthinkable, so… Plan B became Plan A.

Choosing David, Panama

I had devoted many, many hours on the internet researching David, Panama after eliminating other options.I had a 92 year old mother living  60 miles north in Clearwater whom I wanted to come with us so that was a factor in the equation. We had a house, Ma had a condo and both needed to be sold and the contents dealt with so our plates were quite full to say the least!

Fortunately, I had struck up an online friendship with a couple who had lived outside of David for a few years that made all the difference in our transition.I read all of their posts on a Yahoo group and decided that they gave excellent answers and advice with NO drama.”Very unusual”, I thought and proceeded to contact them. It was one of the best decisions I made concerning the planning of the Panama Adventure, as my wife so fondly calls it..

She and her husband had found a place outside of David and moved there, lock, stock and barrel.

She gave Kris and me unending support, guidance, tips, contacts, answered my countless questions. She was a great cheering section when I reported to her when I had made some progress in getting close, and if I was down she would tell me I could do it, just DO IT! They even let Kris stay with them and helped her get a car and house  so we would be that much further ahead when we all finally got there. Hurray for Donna and Ray!

Donna truly was invaluable to us and we can’t thank her enough.

We visited Panama three times and David twice to be sure that this is where we wanted to be. My Ma came down on the 2nd trip to David, liked it and that was that. Since my wife, Kris, spoke some Spanish, it made sense that she go first, so she flew David, Panama by herself and within a week had gotten us a nice rental house thinking it would be a month or more before Ma and I would be coming down.

Wrong. But in a good way:)

Our house had sold. Fedex would take weeks to get the paperwork with Kris’s signature on it back and forth. She needed to get on a plane and fly back for the closing. So after only 19 days after Kris left Sarasota she was back in Sarasota signing the sale contract on our house and 3 days later Kris, my Ma (that’s another story) and I got on a United Airlines flight to Panama.

(to be cont’d)


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